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How Did I Figure Out What I Want to Do in My Career?

Life has its share of crossroads, one of them being figuring out what to do for our careers. For many of us, this may be a grey area to navigate through, as we question ourselves: How do I really know this is something I’d like to do in my future? Do I choose a role that is truly my passion, or a job that pays well?

No one is born knowing their own life plan ahead of them, and no one can ever be sure of anything until they try it for themselves. One thing we could do is to explore our options through trial and error. For instance, taking on various internships from different industries may offer useful insights and help us narrow down our career paths.

Most importantly, having an open mind for the future helps us be flexible and adapt to the changing environments or uncertainties. Rather than nitpicking on smaller details, it’s always better to set our focus on achieving the bigger purposes in life.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”- Steve Jobs:

Thanks for reading! Here are a few thoughts from our mentors as well;


I’m blessed to have met many successful individuals in my life. Many of these individuals were not classically trained in the field that they eventually became established in, and it really intrigued me. What stood out for me when learning from these figures of inspiration, was to always be focused, hardworking and committed, and always humble enough to learn! With this strong set of beliefs and values, I believed that I could make positive contributions to the different places I go.
Working in different sectors and various jobs in the past, from the back breaking part time dishwashing jobs at hotels, to distributing newspapers in the wee hours of the morning, to the desk jobs like helping my dad with his business, to auditing at a big local firm, has always left me wondering if there was more for me. When I took the leap of faith and started doing Financial Planning, it was when the claims cheque had made a difference in a middle-aged lady’s life. She had no family, and only depended on herself for a living. She met with a terrible accident that left her unable to work. When I saw how the claims cheques that she received allowed her to continue living with dignity and with a peace of mind until she had recovered, I realized that proper financial planning had the power to change people’s lives in situations, both good and bad. I found this job to be highly meaningful, it was a career that I could educate and add value to the people around me.

Shao Wei:

Get out of your comfort zone and explore. In many situations, we decide what we don’t want without even trying it out. Therefore, keep exploring, it will be a self-discovering process.


1. Figure out what you enjoy doing. 2. Figure out what you don't like to do. 3. Keep an open mind, and try out opportunities, even if they are in the grey area of uncertainty. You never know what you will get out of it.
Finding your ideal job is like dating.... you really never know you will get out of it until you have given it a shot.

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