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Who Organizes The CRÈME Internship?

The CRÈME internship is proudly organized by Aegis Organization, along with partners from Synergia Group and Strategic Alliance

What are the exact roles I will have during my internship? Is marketing and selling insurance plans one of these roles? 

Your role in the internship will be to have an open mind, and learn from the experts in the relevant fields for the topics. There are many modules that will be covered, including Marketing and What It Takes to be an Entrepreneur.

Could I find out more about the role of the internship? I am more interested in working on financial products/market research rather than an internship that is 100% purely sales. 

We are pleased to provide you with our Internship Learning Objectives:

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • How to create a Successful Presentation

  • The Importance of Strategic Planning

  • Entrepreneurship 

Do expect our topics to be centered and shared around these learning objectives. 

Also, as interns, you are not licensed to do any form of sales.

Since I am not yet 21 during the internship, will I still receive any official financial certifications?

Certificates of modules that have been successfully passed, will be given to the candidates. Candidates must pass on their first attempt, after which further terms and conditions will apply before certificate is granted.

How do I check if I am eligible?

Do check our eligibility conditions here.

I may not have much knowledge on finance or insurance. Can I still apply for The CRÈME Internship? 

As long as you have the right mindset and attitude to learn, we welcome you at The CRÈME internship! Our mentors will be glad to offer advice and guidance on the more technical aspects.

What is Aegis Organization’s link to AIA exactly?

Aegis Organization was founded in 2014 in AIA Singapore, with a small group of young and dynamic group of like minded individuals. Aegis Organization has been steadily expanding since then, and is an Authorized Representative of AIA Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Still got a question? Drop it with us and we will get to it real soon!

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