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What To Do During Interviews

As the pandemic continues to persist, virtual interviews have become the new norm for many companies across the globe. While online job interviews are not much different from the traditional face-to-face interviews, there are a few extra key elements to take note of. We're sure you're aware of how important it is to be able to present ourselves well in any interview setting, and thus we are here to help you! Our team has curated two checklists to prepare you for your virtual and face-to-face interview. We hope that this would come handy for your future sessions:

Checklist for Online interviews:

  1. Make sure to choose an appropriate virtual background and ensure that the place is quiet and well-lit.

  2. Check that your computer sound audio and speaker is working well and connect to a stable internet.

  3. Test your camera and ensure that you can be seen clearly in the frame.

  4. Keep your phone beside you and set it to silent for emergency purposes.

  5. Have your pen and notepad nearby just in case you need to jot down important information.

  6. Dress in full attire and not just the upper half of the body.

  7. Upon entering the call, check that the interviewer can hear and see you clearly before proceeding to introduce yourself.

  8. Refrain from fidgeting and maintain a good sitting posture.

  9. Do not be distracted and remain in eye contact at all times with the interviewer by looking into the webcam.

  10. Keep a smile on your face and acknowledge by nodding when necessary.

Checklist for Face-to-Face Interviews

  1. Compile a set of commonly asked interview questions and practice answering them at home.

  2. Before leaving the house, check that you brought all required documents. It is always good to bring multiple copies of your resume, a pen and notebook.

  3. Dress appropriately and act professionally.

  4. Arrive at the interview location 15 to 20 minutes to mentally prepare yourself.

  5. Set your phone to silent before entering the venue.

  6. Greet the interviewers with a smile.

  7. Maintain good eye contact with all the interviewers during the interview.

  8. Practice good body language by sitting tall and keeping your shoulders low.

  9. Address any issue that you have regarding the company before they conclude the interview.

  10. Thank the interviewers for their time and shake their hands only if they initiate to do so.

Chances are not given, they are taken. If you have an interview coming up, remember to prepare well for the interview to show the best version of yourself in front of your interviewers. Good luck for your interview and remember to have a good night's rest the day before!

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