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Tips for Writing a Good Resume

Want to impress your employers with your resume but not sure what to do? Don’t worry as here are 3 tips to guide you through it!

#1 Formatting Your Resume

Here’s a checklist of headers and information that should be in your resume:

  • Header

  • Contact Information

  • Short Professional Summary

  • Soft and Hard Skills

  • Work Experiences

  • Education

  • Additional Information (Eg. Languages, Certificates, Volunteering, etc)

  • Cover Letter (optional, depending on the role)

Have you ever struggled deciphering what someone is trying to say due to the type of font and font size used? You don’t want to put your employer in such a position.

Ensure that the template used is simple with easily readable font. Refrain from using intricate design. The font size should not be less than 11pt and your resume should be kept within 1-2 pages unless you are required to cite papers.

#2 To Do and Nots!


  1. Get your resume reviewed by someone else (preferably a career counselor)

  2. Your resume should be mainly focused on your work experience.

  3. Show that you excelled in the position by using action verbs with examples and results.

  4. Mention your unpaid experiences. They are just as important as your paid ones!

  5. Tailor your resume according to the jobs applied for.

  6. Keep your resume short.


  1. List job duties. Instead, list job accomplishments

  2. Spelling errors: Typo and grammatical errors. It’s the obvious but it’s common so be careful!

  3. List experiences based on chronological or alphabetical order. Instead, list it according to the relevance of the job you are applying for. Base the list on importance and relevance.

#3 What are They Looking Out For?

Most employers take 6 seconds or less to check your resume and decide if you are the one. Want the employers to be interested in your resume? You will need a catch that will make them want to keep reading.

  • Experiences: Experiences do not have to be paid. While waiting for your job offer or as a student, you can attend courses or self-learn new skills that will boost your resume. Your time is precious. If you do not have experience, ensure that your employers know that you are a quick learner who is capable of solving problems.

  • Leadership Roles: With thousands of resumes looking similar, some leadership roles would definitely help you to stand out! If you are currently studying, keep a lookout on roles you can take up to boost your resume. This includes being the president of your club or simply heading a small section of it.

Overall, we hope this mini guide has helped you to create a resume that will help you land a job you are applying for and we wish you all the best!

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