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With the Pandemic, How Can I Be Assured of Job and Financial Security ?

Undoubtedly, the pandemic holds a lot of uncertainty in what the future holds.

For fresh graduates out there, many would agree that at times like these, we unfortunately face rather bleak prospects career-wise. Securing a job upon graduation seems tougher than before, especially considering the current volatility of the labor market. With frequent changes in Covid-related restrictions affecting business models, many companies tend to be hesitant in committing to full-time hires. In turn, traineeships and contract roles have become more commonplace - only to mean less job security for fresh graduates.

With many of us having big life goals (be it saving for a home or starting a family in the future), these obstacles can get in the way of our financial planning. Though, this does not mean we should give up.

Amidst uncertainty, these challenges call for our flexibility and adaptability. By keeping abreast with the current news and trends, we can adapt more efficiently to shifts in job demands, particularly through consistent upskilling and self-improvements. In Singapore, those above age 25 can utilize their SkillsFuture vouchers to attend workshops and acquire in-demand skills.

After all, Singapore currently has one of the highest-educated populations. Almost everyone has a degree / diploma, so what do you think would set you apart to be a more employable candidate?

Essentially, it helps to keep moving and equipping ourselves with relevant skills and knowledge. Perhaps by motivating ourselves to see the current pandemic in a more positive light, opportunities may arise and new roles come our way.

With the current pandemic inducing uncertainties for many of us, one thing remains for certain - and that is The CRÈME Internship. More than just an internship experience, the program offers so much more - be it official certifications on financial advisory services, mentorship from industry experts, or even fun activities to forge lasting relationships with fellow interns (something you’d definitely not want to miss out on)! To find out more about your eligibility for the program, check out this link.

And lastly to all our readers, stay headstrong and things will get better in time!

Thanks for reading! Here are some thoughts from our mentors as well;


With or without pandemic, job security is never a certainty. The only security is you staying relevant and employable. How do you achieve that?
Find and work with mentors who inspire you, have a good support network, constantly engage others in your growth and most importantly constantly invest in yourself. All these require consistent commitment and discipline.
With the above, you will not be concerned with job or financial security, rather, you will be concerned with where and how to start building a successful YOU. “Always focus on what you can control”

Shao Wei:

Do not fantasize about job security. The economy is transforming fast, and the pandemic further accelerated that pace. Having a false sense of job security might result in complacency that we won’t be replaced, which is not an ideal mindset in any career. Make ourselves as essential to our company as much as possible, by continuously improving ourselves. With that, we can stay ahead of the curve and stay relevant.


1. Stay relevant in today's market, post Covid. What works in the past may no longer work tomorrow. What is the trend moving forward, and how will people function post Covid?
2. Focus on Adding Value. As long as you are able to add value to your employers, and the people around you, you will always be an asset, no matter where you go.
3. As what the late Steve Jobs have advised, "Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry". Stay foolish, and do not over think or over analyze. Stay hungry for knowledge, and skills set that will set you apart from your competition.

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